“The 20 Month Legend”

After Steve Tate finds out his wife is expecting triplets to add to his existing family of three kids, he gets the unexpected news that one of the new babies has a brain tumor that ultimately takes his son’s life after a year of up-and-down battles with surgeries and chemotherapy.

As if juggling a life with half-a-dozen kids, including triplets, isn’t enough, Steve Tate receives the life-altering news that one of his triplets, Hayes, has been diagnosed with brain cancer. The once-star collegiate football player finds himself fighting for his son’s life.

This memoir takes you through the various challenges of raising a family of six kids and balancing a career, all while his son battles to defeat the odds of survival. Both Steve and his high school sweetheart, Savanna, found hope and happiness through the example of their 20-month-old son Hayes.

“Beautifully Written”

I don’t write reviews but felt I needed to with this one. The strength Steve had to have to write this book; so beautifully is amazing. Every word and detail written is heartfelt. I finished reading in two days as I had to stop because I couldn’t make out the words between tears. I stumbled on Hayes on IG summer of 2016. His beautiful blue eyes drew me in. As a mother of two young boys, I felt drawn to his story. Hayes story taught me about Pediatric Cancer. I never knew how common it actually was. Ever since that day, my heart and prayers have been with the Tate’s. I commend Steve and Savanna for sharing their story – putting it out for the world to learn about this horrid, nasty disease. Steve gives play by play of what their baby went through for “treatment”. This truly is a wonderfully written story. It helps you bring prospective to life and what really matters. Thank you for sharing Hayes with the world, he helps bring the good out of all of us. Proud to be apart of #Hayesarmy

– Amazon Customer